PRASHANTHKUMAR DAVID ANISTER, Born on 24th June 2019, Srilanka achieved the feat of Maximum number of Memory activities at the tender Age. Identified 50 Countries from the World map, 26 Countries Flags with Alphabetical order, Fixing 26 Alphabet Puzzles & Phonic sounds, 38 Vehicles, 27 Wild animals, 21 Vehicle logos, 18 Baby animals, 18 Fruits, 16 Farm animals, 14 Sea animals, 12 Birds, 11 Colours , 11 Shapes, 8 Planets 6 Dinosaurus, Life cycle of Frog and Life cycle of Butterfly. Counting 1 to 100, Writing 26 English Alphabets, Solving Addition and Fixing Addition puzzles, Reciting Months of the year and Days of the Week.