PRERANA PRAKASH, Born on November 03, 2021, Bangalore, Karnataka, India is an amazing kid, who has identified and recited maximum number of Flashcards at the age of 2 year 3 months. She has identified and recited Seasons, National symbols, Body parts, Shapes, Colors, Vegetables, Wild and domestic animals, Action words, Famous Kannada poets, 10 books with titles, fruits, Transports, Numbers 1-10 (Kannada and English ), English alphabets, kannada varnamala (Aksharagalu),Rhymes, 8 swaras of music, Shlokas ( karagre vasathe lakshmi, Gurubrahma, Vakrathunda, Annapoorne sadapoorne ), 12 Sanskrit Question and answer , Days of the week and 26 opposite words in Alphabetical order in minimum time and solved India map puzzle.