JANANI.M.S, Born on 17 May 2017, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India holds a title Extraordinary Memory Power - Genius kid. She had recited Alphabets ( English & Tamil), Numbers 1 to 100, Colours ( English and Tamil), Slokas, Athichudi, Thirukkural, Rhymes ( English and Tamil), Days of the Week ( English, Tamil and Hindi), Months of the year ( English and Tamil), Parts of the body, Parts of the Plant, Parts of the Bird, Life cycle of Frog, Types of the plant, Vegetables, Green leafy vegetables, underground vegetables, Wild animals , Domestic animals, Water animals, Extinct animals, Endangered animals, Reptiles , Insects, Flowers, Birds, Fruits , Dry fruits, Solar system, Shapes, Mode of transport, National symbols, Seasons, Olympic games and 10's ,5's Counting ( Vowels ). She is excel in Dance, Silambam, Chess , Colouring and Handwriting.