G.DHEV HAARISH, Age 16, ( Born on  December 27, 2005)  Cumbum, Theni District,Tamilnadu, India , Is a multitalented kid, who had been excel his talent in Abacus,General Knowledge, Story writing ,Yoga, Thumb art and Creative Drawing.He has achieved KALA GOWRAV Award from Ministry of Culture, Aurangabad, Maharashtra Government of India and also YUVA BHARATHI AWARD from Govt of Tamilnadu.He got first prize in Poster making Competition conducted by Carrerpoint NEET Coaching Center ,Rajasthan.He got Multitalented Award for various Individual performance in GK, Quiz, Drawing ,yoga, Topper Mentor Programme for continuous 5 yrs. Best creative painting award in Disaster management during T-sumani Drawing Competition. He actively participated  in National level Olympiad Examinations  and got international Rank 3 times.