JAYAS SHREENIDHI ( Born on 30 th September 2017),Chennai, Tamilnadu,India , is appreciated for Reciting English Alphabets,18 Shlokas including few Bhajans, 15 Thirukkural, 10 English Rhymes, 9 Shlokas from Bhagavad Gita chapter 1 and 1 shlokha in Chapter 4 and Aathichudi. Identifying 50 kitchen and household articles, 30 Flags of various countries, 15 Fruits , 15 Vegetables, 15 Bones of human.Body, 14 Shapes,12 Sea animals, 10 Organs of Human body, 10 Parts of Computer, 9 Planets, 4 Seasons and Parts of the Brain and teeth.Solving Map puzzles of 78 Countries.Answering 30 plus GK questions and 20 questions about Ramayana.Singing Tamil Thai Vazhthu, National Anthem Chinnanjiru kiliyae Kannama ( Bharathiyar Song).She has awarded KURAL OLI MAZHAILAI STAR for Thirukkural Competition by Tamil women UK Sangam (UKTP).Apart from that she had participated in the Mass World Record Events and received certificates and awards at the tender Age of 3 years. This achievement is recognized and registered on 20 October 2021.