V.J.ADHARSH PRANAV, Born on 08 th November 2017, from Tenkasi District, Tamilnadu, India is a Multifaceted Kid, Who has gifted with extraordinary abilities in Multiple fields. He Identified more than 500 objects including Bike models and Car logos. Reciting spelling for 100 words within 6 Minutes, 15 Rhymes within 7 Minutes, 5 Stories ( Tamil and English) within 3 Minutes duration. He typed 26 English Alphabets in a short bursts of time. He spelled and typed 50 words and using more than 10 short cut keys while typing words. He solved 25 piece long puzzle within 4 Minutes.He solved 6 pieces box puzzle in 57 seconds.We confer his abilities and honour with with the title INCREDIBLE MEMORY POWER AND EXEMPLARY KID.