KRISHNA VATNANI, Age 9.5 , Born on January12,2010, Vadodara, Gujarat,  India, is a multitalented kid, Who has excelled in Abacus, Mental maths, Academics , Story telling, Sports, Yoga, Drawing,  Art craft, Little Scientist, Fireless cooking, Speech and Competitive exams. He has achieved 60 plus Trophies, 70 plus Medals and 150 plus Winning certificates. He has received the title, YOUNG ACHIEVER, STAR KID 2021, EXCELLENT PERFORMER 2021, TALENTED ICON 2021, Scholarship and BEST STUDENT OF SCHOOL. He has made records in India Book of Record, Champion Book of World record, International Rank 2 and 4 in SOF IEO and IMO. He was participated 2 times in Mass world Record events.