DEVI HAMSIKA, Born on 23 May 2007, Puzhithivakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India is a multifaceted girl, who had gifted with extraordinary abilities in the field of Drawing and Painting. She has achieved many laurals from various organizations. In 2021 she has achieved Gold medal in National Art Contest - Dessin Academy, The India Star Icon Kids Achievers Award - National Academy of of Art Edu, Maharashtra. Swacch Bharath Art excellent award, NEHRDO ,Mumbai.National Art Gem award, Tamilnadu Star Icon kid Achiever Award, Bharatiya Kalarathna Art Excellence Award, Chera's Best Artist Award, Best Child Artist Award - ISRO SATHISH DHAWAN. We acknowledged her achievements and confer with the title " STAR OF FLAIR 2022.