Dr.R .SRIJAN, Born on November 25, 2012 from Kumbakonam,Tanjore, Tamilnadu, India is a amazing kid who is excel in Multiple fields.Received a Honourary doctorate for Creating a World record - First Yoga and Archery kid perform 90 Archery arrow shots in 9 different yoga postures in o minimum from 9 metres distance ( Universal Achievers Book of Records) participated in Human ultimate World records - Team of 50 archers shot 68,744 arrows in 7 hours 36 minutes. 3rd place in State level Yoga Championship and 3rd place in International Karate match. Won Silver medal in INTL.Tamil Olympiad conducted by Humming Bird. Secured 3rd place (360 th rank ) achieved 3,977 mark in Olympiad, Secured 3rd place ( 602nd rank ) achieved 5,931 mark in Olympiad. Won Gold medal in Double stick Silambam in the Central East Zonal Level Silambam competition. Won 3rd place in Silambam organized by
National Martial Arts Academy. Participated in Archery organised by School Games Development Foundation. We acknowledged his skill and confers the title SUPER TALENTED KID.