V.DEVI, Born on August 03, 2012 from Ranipet, Tamilnadu, India is an amazing kid who is excel in variety of talents. She has participated in KALAI SAMAT 2023 and achieved first place in Adimurai, Kuthuvarisai, Otrai Surul vaal Veechu. Achieved Silver medal in Tamilnadu Silambam Championship 2023 Organized by National Silambam and Sports Academy. 1st place in Chennai divisional sports meet by Sesha India Youth games. 2nd place on Chozhagam state level Silambam Championship trophy 2023. Bronze medal in Otrai kambu veechu ,Gold medal in Erattai kambu and Vel kambu, Silver medal in Ottrai surul veechu organized by YUDHAKALAI VISA STATE LEVEL SILAMBAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 - 2024. Gold medal in Ranipet District Silambam championship 2022 for Erattai Kambu veechu. 1st place in Kambu Jodi category, 2nd place in Silambam single stick in the Walajapet Inter school tournament. Gold Medal in 4th Ranipet District Silambam championship 2021. On2021- participated various events organized by Ranipet District Silambam association. On 2022 - Participated in Arumbugalin Kurumbugal - Salangai Oli. She has also participated in Zonal level sports Organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra and achieved 3rd Place. Won Bronze medal in ISF 1st Open National Silambam championship. Participated in Open state level Silambam championship organized by Mullai Martial Arts and sports academy. We recognized her achievements and present India's Top 100 Talents award TALENT ICON 2023.