SHARVI R SHETTY, Born on19 February 2018, Dharwad, Karnataka, India is a multifaceted kid who has gifted with different abilities like, singing National Anthem, National Song and Patriotic songs.Identify and Reciting 1 to 100 numbers in forward and backward orders, 31 Nursery Rhymes, 27 Occupations, 24 Opposite words, 15 Symbols of Nation, 10 States and their folk dance, 10 Shlokas, Days of the week, Months of the year, English Alphabets in reverse order, all Continents Multiplication tables upto 6. Identifying 26 Car logos, 26 Vegetables, 26 Fruits, 24 Birds, 16 Musical instruments, 15 Freedom fighters, 15 Sports, 13 shapes, 10 colours, 10 Organs of Human body, Parts of the Body and oceans. She has solved 32 three word puzzles and spell it.We confer and awarded the title CHILD PRODIGY 2022.