HAYA SYED, born on October 22, 2013,Tirunelveli District,Tamil Nadu, India is a prodigy with multiple talents and achieved many laurals and accolades in various fields. In 2023 she has won Gold medal for Science Buddies. Participated in various contests like Story telling, Art from waste, Fancy dress, Rhymes Recitation, Colouring, Just a minute, Poetry recitation, Oratorical English and Tamil, Singing, Memory game, Reading, Drawing, Thirukkural recitation, Greeting card making, Art using Natural waste, Spelling Bee, Flower carpet, Essay writing, Origami making, Gardening, Handwritting, Dance, Writewiz, Sports- Busy builders, Feasible Frisbee and achieved awards. She has participated in IMO, IEO, NSO and achieved medals, received Vikaasa Talent Award 2024. We present her talents and awarded her the title TALENT ICON 2024. One of the top 100 talent of the year.