ARNAV NIGAM, Born on October 30, 2007, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is a multifaceted  kid who is young Mathematics and Science Prodigy with perfect blend of aptitude for Science, Math, Informatics, Social Science and Fine arts. He has always been inquisitive and his constant urge for knowledge and setting for higher goals motivates him to achieve excellence.He has been laureled as “Mathematics Prodigy”, “Junior Scientist”, “World Champion”, “Exclusive Kid” and “World Star India” titles apart from other awards and honours.Arnav has grabbed about 600 accolades by participating in various competitions including National and International Olympiads.He has secured world Rank 1 in Hongkong Math Olympiad, Avogadro chemistry (university of waterloo, Canada), World Math Olympiad , Australian National Quiz, Southeast Asian Math Olympiad, International Junior Math Olympiad and VANDA global. He also got two times Gold Medal in International Youth Math Championship. He was honoured Academic Excellence from Maharashtra and Goa zone four times for his brilliant and scintillating performance in various Olympiads.He has proved his unparalleled mastery with versatile knowledge.